Marrakech: conclusion of different locations that sausages preparation

For the time being, no longer eat sausages in Marrakech!

Two buildings where sausages are prepared have been forced to close their doors after the discovery, by the city of Marrakech, from meat that is unsuitable for consumption.

After an investigation led by the President of the Municipal Council of Marrakech, Mohamed Larbi Belqayed, had to close the relevant premises, while the unfit meat was confiscated and destroyed. According to the daily Al Massae were two buildings in the old medina of Marrakech closed on 15 september on the orders of the City Council and the Ministry of health.

More than 900 kilo of meat that was unfit for consumption was alone in one of the two buildings confiscated. The scammers were inappropriate meat mixed with healthy meat in order to maximize their profits without suspicion at the customers.

According to the first elements of the investigation they sold their merchandise to the various street vendors of sausages and other dining options that the sausages grilling in the ochre city.

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