Million for anti-terrorism measures

Amsterdam attracts a million euros for extra security measures at busy places in the city.

That should reduce the chance of a terrorist attack, for example, to read in the budget for 2018 that Alderman Udo Kaikai (finance) has presented.

The City Council recently made known already to investigate possibilities for extra security measures on crowded places like the Kalverstraat. This because terrorists increasingly use a vehicle in the Commission of an attack.

In the last budget of the current college of Mayor and aldermen is also featured for the finance for the next City Council. Thus, budgetary bottlenecks at the city parts have been fixed and is money set aside for wage and price rises. Kagwe had over the past years a tough one to get it under control of municipal finances, which quite often what went wrong.

"The city is doing well," says the Councillor. "We invest 425 million in the city, the burden for Locals go down again and we bring the city finances further in order. That is a great result. "

The city government invests further in reducing the extra teachers deficit (1.5 million), art in public space (1.8 million) and an international aids Conference (0.5 million). Earlier it was already known that there are 30 million available to the hustle and bustle in the city on the right track. The city tax is going up, with in the Center percentages higher than those outside.

The college is reluctant in this budget with new policy options, in view of the upcoming local elections and the fact that there is still no new Cabinet.

anti-terrorism measures