Press Board Manikandan increases after remote prison food ban

Some prisoners would even consider to go on hunger strike in the foreseeable future.

The Moroccan medium Al Massae reports that after banning food from the outside, the atmosphere in prison Manikandan becoming grimmer setting. Prisoners may, after this measure only food from within the institution, it is so family and other visitors are no longer allowed to the famous basket with food.

To the prisoners yet still somewhat cater announced the cooperation with an external caterer. Nevertheless, there are still plenty of talk of opposition from Manikandan, prisoners would disagree with this decision such that some even consider a hunger strike. In some cases there was talk of escalation when a woman wanted to give her son a basket with food, she would have gotten a hit when a prison officer.

This decision was taken in may by the umbrella organization of Morocco, the DGAPR prison. This to the increasing smuggling of weapons and drugs to reduce slightly.