Kenitra: military detained and abused by drug mafia

To the military control was a stun gun used.

Last month, a Moroccan military victim of a set up action in advance of a major drug baron in Kenitra. Along with some other collegasoldaten did a large group of members of the mafia gang. The Moroccan medium Al Massae is called a targeted attack on the soldiers group, the gang would have gone to them armed to the hilt, there is talk of swords and tazers which would have been used.

Where most soldiers with the scare came free, was one of them for long periods of time being held by the perpetrators. We knew the same day to repeat the identity of these members and eventually to carry out arrests. The detained soldier would be damaged considerably, especially the stun gun would have been used.

The clash escalated even so much so that from both sides the fire would be opened. By statements of some detainees one could carry out later several arrests. However it was also known that soldiers were bribed by the same mafia group in order to proceed with their activities undisturbed.

hostage taking
stun gun