Terminally ill Amir (10) in hospital

There is a legal battle for the terminally ill little boy between his parents and child protection.

The ten year old Amir from Emmen, the terminally ill little boy about who plays a legal battle between his parents and the child protection, is admitted to hospital Friday. Family lawyer Joancy Balu confirmed after reports in local media that the boy by ambulance to the UMCG in Groningen.

The recording makes the case about taking care of the child the more urgent, highlights Bandar. The Court ruled Thursday that Amir should remain in a disabled setting. He is by the child care and Protection Board from home posted and according to the Court it is in his best interest to stay in the institution. The family lives in a refugee centre in Emmen.

The parents want their son in his last phase of life itself. They are in appeal against the ruling. The lawyer knows yet when the case before the Court will serve. She hopes that the child protection itself decided that Amir to his parents mag. "he is now on a strange place in a room, while he is at home his brothers and sisters around."

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