Drifting in Morocco (video)

Show, tension and adrenaline!

Drifting is a driving technique in which the driver the car in a smooth lateral movement (cross) by a curve. The driver brings the car intentionally in upset, and then as long as possible. Along with the camera of le360 you discover this spectacular sport with the champion of Morocco, Abderrahmane Mansour.

Mansour says in the video, among other things, that he is the first Moroccan is that this sport represented and also takes part in movies. This car sport is in Japan in 2012, is it an official sport originated in Morocco.

"We're guys of the people, all kinds of people take part in this car sports, we are not rich. The sport is not very dangerous, the cars that we use do not go faster than 100 mph. we are not yet as far as in Europe and the Middle East, but we can let the people enjoy this fast car sports spectacle and we can win prizes. "

"It's a sport that according to the rules, it is a legitimate and official sport. We do this not on the streets, we have an official car sports club. The interested people are welcome to train with us on special area where this sport can be practiced. "

[video = youtube; zdsT4XZiyB0] https://www.youtube.com/watch? v = zdsT4XZiyB0 [/video]