Wilders-docu to see public broadcasting also

To see next month at the NTR.

The NTR late on October 11, the one and a half hour movie WILDERS. A shortened version of the documentary was to see this week on the commercial youth channel Viceland.

WILDERS comes from the hand of the American director Stephen Morse. He filmed the PVV leader four months leading up to the Dutch general election of March. Morse gives a glimpse into the private life of the politician who typically prefer media. For critical commentary on the ideas of Wilders did he appeal to journalists, writers and historians.

Another political documentary, about Jesse clover, made this month for much fuss. BNNVARA wanted the film initially broadcasting, but saw there of af after fierce criticism on the fact that the documentary maker itself for greenleft was active during the last election campaign.

Morse gained international fame with the documentary Amanda Knox, on a high-profile murder trial in the Italian city of Perugia. The film was nominated for an Emmy this year.