Tangier: Mother distraught after acquittal of alleged rapist of her son (video)

The 3-year-old Yahia became according to his mother sexually abused by the manager of a crèche.

The Court in Tanger spoke last Thursday the acquittal of the manager of a crèche, the manager is the main accused in the case of the alleged sexual abuse of Yahya, a child of 3 years.

The mother of Yahia published a video on social media in which they disputed the judgment of the Court of Justice and calls for the intervention of the King to get justice for the injustice what was done to her child.

The case goes back to december 2016, when the mother saw at her son from behind redness. They accused the manager of the nursery in Tangiers of raping her son. DNA tests, investigations and medical expertise, carried out by the police of Casablanca, deny the alleged abuse and partly on the basis of which is the manager.

[video = youtube; brg3fXTjRg0] https://www.youtube.com/watch? v = brg3fXTjRg0 [/video]

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