Tangier: family member blackmails girl publishing intimate photos

By family but have!

The police in Tangier received Thursday a complaint from a 22-year-old young woman who was the victim of blackmail by a still unidentified man. The last threatened to intimate photos and videos of the young woman to publish on social networks if they are not entered on his advances and would have sex with him.

The police laid an ambush for the still unidentified man to plans by a so-called encounter between the man and the victim in a local park. The man was obviously not met by the girl, but by the police. And what turned out to be, the man who came on days it was a relative of the victim!

The 34-year-old man denied at first, but finally gave in when the police give him the stolen images of the girl on his own phone. The man admitted he had used family ties to sneak the phone to steal the victim's and the photos and videos that were download.

The man has been detained pending the next court case.