One of the largest cactus nurseries of Africa is located in Marrakech

An interesting place, that not very many people know.

Twenty minutes of the old medina of Marrakech, close to the District of Guéliz, is a large piece of desert land. On a fence, that's not really something seems to protect, the indication "cactus" on a handwritten sign down a rocky road.

' Cactus Thiemann ' is a big piece of land of 6.88 hectares full of cacti. More than 150 species are in perfect rows next to each other, the New York Times Travel. The nursery was founded in the 1960s by Hans Thiemann, a German agricultural engineer, whose family had a passion for this slow-growing generations thorny plants.

Tired of cacti growing in a greenhouse, and since the climate of the Moroccan desert ideal and far more fruitful than Europe, visited Thiemann the painter Jacques majorelle in 1950 to a cactus species of the majorelle Garden to carry and is eventually in Morocco.

Since the death of Thiemann in 2001 is the nursery run by his widow Fatima and his daughters, Magda and Peter. The Neoraimondia Herzogiana is the favorite type of cactus of the visitors. The oldest and largest species is the Plecycereus pringlei, which Taft with the boat brought, this cactus plant is now 7.92 metres high.

The two sisters look forward to in the future to open a café in these cacti world. "Simple", says Robert, "a couple of chairs and a little shade, a place to drink tea and to the prickly views to look", close them off.