Tetouan: police comes into action after reports of marriage with 13-year-old

When photos of the ' marriage ' in social media, the police in Tetouan in action.

Child marriages are forbidden by law in Morocco since 2004, however, there are to this day still enough loopholes in the law to such marriages. As it turned out recently but again in Tetouan, the authorities got there via social media and some news sources behind the possible execution of the marriage with a 13-year-old girl. When this post began to materialise it was decided to go to the appropriate banquet facilities where the ceremony would be held.

Once there, they immediately encountered on the family of the girl who the authorities assured that it was not a forced marriage and that in this case only every engagement would go. The wedding party with the 17 year older partner would be given later, the girl in question would therefore fully support this choice according to her family. That the engagement was held in party form would be done to it to disclose to family, friends and environment.

Since the law is not entirely clear in such marriages in certain cases by the judge later reviewed and validated. This would only be done in cases that ' justify ' are, under what heading that fall, however, remains unclear justifications, whereby here also abuse of can be made.