Marrakech: drunk driver runs 11 pedestrians to

At his arrest showed not only himself, but also his mother drunk.

Last night drove a drunk man with his vehicle 11 pedestrian to the Dakhla Avenue, in the Massira district in Marrakech. The man then hit on the run.

The 11 wounded pedestrians were taken to Ibn Tofaïl hospital for the necessary medical care. Most of them are already out of the hospital.

After intensive research of the Directorate-General for the national security (DGSN) managed one last night to arrest the 26-year-old man at home. There it turned out his mother also drunk to be present and both were arrested, reports DGSN. Three other family members were also taken into custody because they presumably involved in hiding evidence of the accident.

According to the first elements of the investigation lost the man power on the steering wheel and it was not a deliberate collision. The man drove to hard and was intoxicated behind the wheel.