Two sub-Saharan migrants died in crossing attempt to Melilla

The two sub-Saharan migrants suffocated by tear gas that was fired by the Moroccan security forces.

Two sub-Saharan migrants are Sunday morning near Beni Ensar died, after they were driven out by the Moroccan security forces with tear gas, reported the newspaper yesterday.

Sunday in the early morning a group of sub-Saharan migrants tried to reach Melilla by "a kind of tunnel or old sewer system", said the Spanish journalist Helena Maleno, specializing in migration issues, on the basis of eye-witnesses. The migrants said that several people had told them that they could achieve by Melilla "without problems" that tunnel/old sewage system.

However, once they were inside, realized the migrants that it is actually a dead end route. Moroccan security forces then shot off tear gas to force them to leave the area. Two of the Sahrawi people died as a result of suffocation, sub-while four others needed medical help and were brought to the hospital.

Maleno said that they are all from the same country, Burkina Faso, came and that the families of both men have been advised of their death.

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