Canadians have generally positive feelings about Muslims

In Canada one did a research on how Canadians against Muslims.

A research suggests that Canadians have a generally positive feeling about Muslims. This is reported by a number of Canadian media that the investigation by ' Think for Actions and Insights Matter ', a thinktank of the University of Calgary have published.

The research shows that the perception of Canadians has changed when it comes to Muslims and their beliefs. The research shows that 78% of respondents is convinced that Muslims should adopt the Canadian Customs and values, while preserving their religious and cultural practices. No less than 88% of respondents believe that Muslims should be treated no different than other Canadians.

However, 72% of respondents also believes that they see an increase in hate and anxiety for Canadians who are Muslim and predicting that it will be getting worse, reports Journal Metro.

"The majority of Canadians who are friends with a Muslim or someone with an Islamic background, have a positive image of Islam and its welcoming against against Muslims," said Mukarram Zaidi, President of the organization that is carried out research.

The public perception of Muslims is not entirely positive, says the Canadian media, the survey indicates that 56% of people believe that Islam suppresses women's rights.