Two men arrested for stabbing on the way to Muslim mosque in Manchester

The victim, Nasser Kurdy, gives the surgeon in an interview to the perpetrators to forgive.

Nasser Kurdy was Sunday just before 18:00 hours from behind with a knife stabbed while looking at the Altrincham Islamic Center in Hale, Cheshire ran for the prayer. The 58-year-old victim had a three centimeter deep wound to the back of his neck and was in the hospital treated Wythenshawe, where he worked as an orthopedic surgeon.

The police speaks of a hate crime, but treats the attack not as a terrorist act, reports 32-year-old and a 54-year-old man were arrested.

"This is a dirty and unprovoked attack against a loved one man from the neighborhood," said Assistant Police Commissioner Russ Jackson.

His colleague Dr. Khalid Anis says Kurdy "very lucky". "It had been very serious," said Anis. "There are definitely offensive comments made by the attackers. The whole community is in shock. It is not only a criminal act against the Muslim community or one individual, it is an attack on everyone who lives in Altrincham. The fact that they have attacked an orthopaedic surgeon who devotes his life to helping others, is distressing. "

Nasser Kurdy has indicated in an interview with Mirror UK to forgive the perpetrators, the video of which is seen here: