Mohammed Aabbassi distinguished in Brussels for heroic action

Mohammed Aabbassi is a true hero, he saved a mother and child from a burning building.

Mohammed Aabbassi, who at the beginning of August, a mother and her baby from a burning apartment building in Antwerp saved Monday by the city of Brussels, was honored for his heroic action, reports the .

Aabbassi was working in a local restaurant when he saw the mother and her baby out the window, she was too afraid to go down to run because the floor below was on fire. Aabbassi ran out of the burning apartment building in to save them. After saving the mother and her child went up to Aabbassi again another woman on the second floor to help, before he lost consciousness from smoke inhalation. He was then hospitalized and in the aftermath of the drama was praised as a real hero.

Nearly two months after the incident was the 20-year-old by the city of Brussels honored with the Medal for heroism. Aabbassi received the Medal of the Mayor Philippe Close.