Agadir: passengers of a bus in broad daylight robbery

The Raiders made use of machetes.

The facts date back to september 24, when three robbers themselves as passengers, before they took out machetes to passengers. According to Al Ahdath Al Maghribi in his edition of today have the robbers ordered the passengers to hand over their belongings and were their bodies frisked to make sure nothing behind.

After collecting the spoils, threatened the three robbers the driver to help them flee, otherwise they would injure him with their machetes. Right before they fled, the driver was able to contact the bus company and the police. The police rushed to the crime scene to the testimonies of the victims to collect.

The police soon succeeded in two of the three robbers (and the booty) in the Founty district. The third robber is still wanted. All the stolen goods have been recovered and returned to the victims.