Parliament agree to freeze your own risk

However, the care premium increases though.

The own risk in care rises next year and remains thereby on 385 euro. The first Room yesterday evening without a vote to accept the change in the law, which was set in motion last week by the leading coalition of VVD, CDA, D66 and Christianunion. The lower House already agreed earlier in the day.

By freezing the own risk increases the additional health insurance next year, with about a tenner. At a debate in Second Room walked the tempers high on Monday. the leading opposition came up with three proposals in order to reduce the excess, the additional increase for health insurance and to make the link between the costs and the excess from the law to pick up. But the future governing parties find it too short day for such "fundamental changes" in the health care system.

The debate was briefly Tuesday afternoon continued, but much more than a repetition of moves was not. Mp Henk Nijboer (PvdA) said on Tuesday still to have the formerende parties tried everything over, but they were not on other thoughts. Eventually most of the opposition parties in the lower house with healthy reluctantly agree to the change in the law. Only THINK voted against.

In the first room there was still critical of the emergency procedure used to the change in the law to get through it. The change in the law should be for 1 October in the Official Gazette, it comes too late for the health insurance companies. Who say the next few weeks the premiums for next year. Insurer DSW was Tuesday as usual the first.

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