Champions League: Amrabat saves honor Feyenoord by late hit (video)

This wonderful hit was the first goal by Feyenoord in the Champions League since 2002.

Slightly less than at home against Manchester City went again last night beaten Feyenoord in the UEFA Champions League. In Stadio San Paolo showed home team SSC Napoli just a size too big for the Rotterdam-team, the European encounter ended in 3-1 in favor of the Italian high-tech team. The only hit on the Dutch side came on behalf of Moroccan-international Sofyan Amrabat, yesterday not included in the selection for the World Cup qualifier against Gabon.

Deep in injury time of the second half on the other hand the only 21-year-old midfielder between the Italian goalkeeper Pepe Reina to defense to outsmart.

[video = youtube; tgVOQZaRcZo] v = tgVOQZaRcZo [/video]

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