Casablanca: Serious injuries after explosion of gas cylinder (video)

Yesterday there were many injured in a gas explosion in Casablanca.

A butane gas cylinder exploded yesterday in Casablanca, causing multiple injuries, reports news medium Lefr360.

According to witnesses on the spot found the incident around noon in the area Beau Séjour, near the intersection of the boulevards Ghandi and Y El Mansour. There were several people in the room and the testimonials collected on site, speaking of at least ten wounded, some of them have serious injuries.

It is also reported that the incident could have cause more victims, since there are other butane gas cylinders were present that fortunately not popped out.

The emergency services were quickly present to help the victims. There is an investigation to clarify the cause of the explosion.

[video = youtube; YiaYV9EeSVM] time_continue = 12 & v = YiaYV9EeSVM [/video]

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