Haagse politiemol stays silent

Amine a. is silent in all tonalities.

The Hague politiemol Amine a. wants not reacting to the suspicion against him he months against payment in the systems of the police have searched for information about hemp farms. That he gave Wednesday to the first day of the trial against him and four other suspects. In previous interviews, he has partly admitted the offences, in court he did not want to dwell on it.

The former head agent of the police the Hague would addresses of dozens of nurseries have passed on to his friend Y h., who also is being prosecuted. H. the nurseries would have cleared out before the police invaded last year. H. stated that he may have had gotten information about hemp farms, but he could not remember if he had asked. Out of "curiosity" he went at those addresses, but it stopped at. Possible was the "stoerdoenerij", perhaps he had "accidentally" sent text messages with that information to others, but to whom he does not know.

H. via his lawyer at the start of the session had already let it be known that he was not feeling well and had fever. After about an hour of questioning, he stated that it is not more. The judge allowed him to leave, but expected him out Thursday morning with doctor's note-back in court.

Together with the politiemol and his friend are also three other defendants correctly, including two cousins from t.

For the lawsuit are three days. Thursday is the public prosecutor's Office with the strafeis against the defendants, the lawyers of the men respond Friday. Probably follows the ruling on Friday 13 October.

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