Education Minister wants violence in Moroccan schools stops

Mohamed Hassad declares war on the verbal and physical violence in schools.

Mohamed Hassad wants an end to violence in schools. He calls the regional academies and the provincial directorates to force Al Ahdath Al Maghribia, reports the news medium.

In this context, encouraged the Minister of education to teachers and education directors for disciplinary sanctions. Students and teachers who refuse to adhere to the rules of conduct should be sent from school. According to the Minister, it is a question of combating certain criminal practices of teachers and against violence against education and administrative staff in schools.

There is a letter with this information sent to all school principals.

These decisions comes after a scandal earlier this month in which a teacher a pupil at a primary school in Mghogha, East of Tangier, in the face. There was an investigation by the regional Academy of Tangier to determine the exact circumstances of the incident. A Special Commission went to the school to the testimonies of the students, teachers and parents of the pupil. The regional Academy of Tangier has decided to suspend the teacher and for the disciplinary board.

mohamed hassad