Doctors in Moroccan public hospitals go tomorrow stakes

A meeting between the unions and the Minister of health has the strike cannot occur.

The Minister of health James yesterday held a meeting with El Louardi the most representative trade unions in the health sector. This meeting was devoted to examining the situation of the sector and to promote dialogue, said a statement from the Ministry of health.

The Minister has the unions suggested other meetings to plan "as soon as possible" to define the priorities and to facilitate the dialogue to better answer the requirements of the professionals.

However, the proposals by the Minister were not trade unions and their expectations. They deplore the lack of concrete and quantified data and a clear timetable.

In a statement issued after the meeting, maintains the ' independent Union of Public Sector Doctors ' call for a national strike on september 28, as well as a sit-in that on 16 October for the Ministry of health is scheduled .

Apart from the lack of the necessary equipment and skilled professionals in public hospitals, the doctors in public hospital including an increase of salaries and allowances. They demand payment according to the salary index 509, equivalent to nearly 15,000 dirhams per month. Currently they get paid according to the salary index 336, equivalent to 8600 dirham per month.

The doctors also call on the implementation of the agreement of 21 december 2015, with the Ministry of health has pledged to work towards the improvement of the financial conditions of professionals in the sector, in particular for the previously the said increase of salaries and allowances.

According to the same agreement would doctors in the public sector have the right to their profession in the private sector, as long as this does not stands in the way of good service in the public hospitals. This agreement, however, has still no legislation and legal framework.