Casablanca: Man puts out own House on fire for legacy

He also endangered its neighbors came not in him.

The police in Hay Mohammadi has a man arrested for endangering the lives and property of its neighbours. He put the family house on fire intentionally where he lives with his mother, reports the news medium Assabah today. A disaster was fortunately avoided, thanks to the quick intervention of neighbours and the mobilisation of the emergency services.

Sources report that the suspect to Assabah, 49 years old, has committed his crime last Sunday around 22:00 hours. He stuck it in the Al Mostaqbal home furnishings on fire, after which he left the building. The vigilance of the neighbors saved the neighborhood of a catastrophe.

The suspect, a former drug addict, had done everything to convince his mother and sister to sell the House and give him his share of the inheritance. Both agreed to his request, especially because the mother than would be homeless, Assabah reported.

Before he founded the fire in the House, called the man his sister to tell her about his intentions. They then tried to warn her mother, who turned out to be not at home. After the fire was lit and while the neighbors were trying to put out the fire (awaiting the arrival of the Fire Department), took the suspect quickly the legs.

However, he was pretty fast by the police found after a search operation near the family house. He was arrested on the spot and taken into custody.