EU must get 50,000 refugees from Africa

As a result, they do not need to venture their lives.

The European Union would over the next two years at least 50,000 ' most vulnerable ' people from North Africa and the Horn of Africa. By recognised refugees directly from Africa to Europe legally sound, it doesn't fall prey to traffickers and they need their lives not to venture.

That, the European Commission proposes as part of a new migration package that Wednesday is presented. Member States may themselves voluntarily for inclusion of refugees sign up and get a financial compensation. The Commission for that 500 million euros aside.

These are mainly refugees from Libya, Egypt, Niger, Sudan, Chad and Ethiopia. Commission Chairman Jean-Claude Juncker called last month on the EU to more solidarity with Africa and "legal paths '. The resettlement of Syrian refugees from Turkey and the Middle East should also continue, the Commission considers.

EU Commissioner Dimitris Avramopoulos (migration) also points out that the EU Member States must continue to show solidarity with Greece and Italy. Two years ago, the EU countries off 120,000 asylum seekers from these countries to the other Member States. That program ran on 26 september and will end his expectation to 37,000 legal immigrants a new home. These are mainly people from Eritrea and Syria. At the same time, the return of illegal migrants faster and better. The Commission proposes that the European border and coast guard there in a central role.

Avramopoulos finds it now time to "to find the right compromise quickly on the reform of the European asylum system." "We can't continue to work with temporary solutions."