Settat slum free explained

Settat is at national level that the 58th city slum free explained.

Morocco is years ago started the Elimination of slums and offering better housing for the inhabitants thereof. The programme ' cities without slums ' was launched in 2004. The urban plan should enable all Moroccans to get decent homes with access to water, electricity and sanitation.

The city of Settat was yesterday to ' city without slums ' explained. The announcement was made by Nabil Baby, the Minister of housing.

Settat is the 58th city without slums at national level and the 3rd at the level of the region Casablanca-Settat, gives an explanation of the Ministry of housing.

It has improved the living conditions of 1850 households spread over 9 districts and villages, namely Lemssella, Guilz, Sidi Abdelkarim, Ouled Slimane, El Joudour 1, 2 and 3, Lakhchachna, Skouriyine and medias24 reports.