Erdogan wants Reverend VS Exchange against Gülen

Erdogan suggested this indirectly.

The Turkish president Recep Tayyip Erdogan has proposed the United States indirectly to exchange the American preacher Andrew Brunson against Fethullah Gülen. Gülen lives for years in the US. Ankara holds him responsible for the failed coup in July 2016.

In the aftermath of the coup in Turkey were thousands of people arrested on suspicion of involvement. Among them Brunson, the pastor of a small Christian Community Church in Izmir on Turkey's west coast. He is since October last year because he would belong to the network of Gülen. The US believes that the pastor has been wrongly arrested and has demanded his release.

In a speech to police officers Covenant Erdogan Thursday the fate of both. "Give us this spiritual back, they say. You have also a clergyman. Give that to us. That can be easily and quickly, he lives in Pennsylvania and does not need to face. The spiritually who is now, then we deliver him out. "