Casablanca: Court ruling that prohibits selfies woman without husband

A court ruling by one year ago today did a lot of buzz on social media.

It concerns a ruling by a Special Court set that focuses on business and disputes within the Jewish-Moroccan community. The verdict was december 2016, however it took almost a year before the story could be weighted by the Moroccan public opinion. This week in Morocco the news went viral on Facebook in particular.

The story goes that a Jewish-Moroccan woman the ban was imposed to not without her husband selfies. This might not end up on selfies social media environment of the woman in question. This point, however, was only part of the restrictions which the judge imposed the woman. So should they not also sports in a by men and women visited environment and maintain friendly relations with unmarried women.

Though went both the woman and her husband agree that they their social media accounts open for each other.

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