Sidi Ifni: more than 50 students end up on emergency care after consuming sardines

54 the parents of school-age children did not know what happened to them.

In the Central coastal Sidi Ifni, close to Guelmim, recently came a real wave of food poisoning. It was going to be no less than 54 children, forming part of the local elementary school, which around midnight serious signs of food poisoning. These were so violently that in almost all cases acute recording in the nearby Hassan I hospital was necessary.

To what is now known, according to sources in front of the Moroccan medium, these complaints are the result of consuming a dish with sardines that same day at school. The police there, in cooperation with the food and drug authorities started an investigation into the tainted food. Of the 54 pupils, of which a total of 30 girls, is still a great deal in the hospital for further medical care.

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