Kijktip: RTL7 kicks off with a new season Tiki Taka Tall (video)

It is the next few weeks to enjoy with some brand new episodes of the series started last season.

Soufiane Touzani got last year for the first time the opportunity for its arts on national television. Rtl7 took the football magician in home and gave him primetime air time, his new series Tiki Taka Talebi was immediately after the successful show to see Football Inside.

Also this vintage continues to see Tiki Taka Tall, starting from next Monday, weekly episodes will follow with great (English) names in the world of soccer. To find Tall among other Eljero Elia, Willem van Hanegem, Ruud van Nistelrooy and the Ajax-duo Daniel and Scott Daniel on.

From Monday 2 October at 22:00 to see so on RTL7!

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Rtl7, Tiki Taka Tall

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