Teachers of the University in FES Qaraouiyine train imams in Al-Italy

There is a new training Department for imams in Italy.

A new training Department for imams, the first of its kind in Italy and all of Europe, will be operational from the academic year 2017-2018, medias24 reports.

The Al-Qaraouiyine University in Fez and the Italian University of Siena have signed a partnership agreement on Tuesday 26 september for the launch of a training Department for imams in the Faculty of Humanities and civil Communication on the Italian University.

Teachers of the Al-Qaraouiyin University will be assigned to the University of Siena to educational support in the field of sharia and prophetic tradition, mouâmalat al-fiqh (Islamic jurisprudence) and the history of civilizations and religions.

They will also visit hospitals and prisons to the requirements of the Islamic religion to teach.

"This is to imams who can defend the authentic image of Islam," said Jalal to the Moroccan news agency MAP after the signing.

Teachers of the Al-Sharia Qaraouiyine University will give lessons in Arabic to the students of which the majority were born in Italy and accustomed to the multicultural context. For some students the Islamic subjects will be given in French or English, said Jalal.

In addition to the taught of fiqh and Sharia in the Arabic language, students will be taught by the Italian teachers in Humanities, law, social science and economics.

The study will take three years, with the ultimate aim to get a degree as published by the Mohammed VI Institute for the training of imams.

In april of this year, the Union of Mosques in France the opening of a training Academy for imams in France published for beginning 2018.

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