Japanese volunteer gives presentation in fluent Darija (video)

Yesterday was the 50-year anniversary of the JICA volunteers and cooperation in Morocco celebrated.

A Japanese volunteer spoke on Thursday 28 september in Rabat during the opening ceremony of the festivities for the 50th anniversary of the JICA-volunteers-and cooperation programme in Morocco. Japan International Cooperation Agency JICA stands for ' '.

The Japanese volunteer, who lives in Morocco, gave a presentation in the Darija about volunteering in Morocco and the contribution of the Moroccan volunteers on site. She expressed her appreciation for the increase in the number of young Moroccans who joined voluntary missions in the Kingdom. The audience was impressed about the way the Japanese the Moroccan spoke fluently, gives Lefr360.

The video is very soft and you'll be good to listen to can mean:

[video = youtube; bCih_S805iI] https://www.youtube.com/watch? v = bCih_S805iI [/video]