Any delay in appeal case-Wilders

The lawsuit comes to the controversial ' less Moroccans-pronunciation of Wilders '

Hogerberoepszaak against the PVV leader Geert Wilders is scheduled to begin on 24 and 26 October, with Director sessions. A request by the lawyers of the people that Declaration did against Geert Wilders, has to refer the matter to the Court of Justice in the Hague rejected.

The attorneys wanted to delay, because they get no financial compensation for their services. That would have to come for the legal aid Council, but the Council refuses because it is a relatively light offense. It comes to the controversial "less Moroccans-pronunciation" by Wilders. The payment dispute is now before the Council of State but the treatment leaves is still pending.

The Court of appeal has rejected the request, because it is now first Director seats are. In it the research requirements of the defence and of the public prosecution service (OM) discussed. Any claims at the content section to the order, says a spokeswoman for the Court. There is now not enough serious importance to the case.