Istiqlal Party Congress degenerates into violent Brawl (video)

What should have been a meeting that leads to new insights, resulted in a chaotic and also vulgar Brawl.

It is not often in Morocco but if it happens then it usually goes very wrong, similarly yesterday during a Party Congress of the Moroccan Istiqlal. On the already leaked amateur footage of the incident shows that tackling each other went with the existing furniture.

Soon after this shameful spectacle communicated the party leadership her apologies to the attendees and those directly involved in the political movement. Member of the Executive Committee, Adil Bacho, came through his personal Facebook account with a rich message in which he expressed his dissatisfaction about what happened yesterday. That this happened was in response to the dissatisfaction that there was about the upcoming internal elections for some party functions.

[video = youtube; U8FjazHUK1E] time_continue = 18 & v = U8FjazHUK1E [/video]

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