German police suspect extortionist tackles supermarkets

The blackmailer would have poisoned baby food in september.

The German police has in the State of Baden-Württemberg arrested a 55-year-old man who is suspected to have extorted by supermarkets with poison in baby foods and other foods to threaten. The extortionist in september would also have poisoned baby food, which has led to major turmoil in Germany.

The arrested man is the suspect Friday and Saturday he is officially taken into custody, according to people involved in the research in Konstanz. Initially they said why the man was arrested.

He is in question on the basis of tips. The man would in a German supermarket have poisoned baby food and threatened inter alia have twenty types of baby-and other nutrition to poison if no large sum of money was paid to him.

The police in Konstanz has warned that the arrest of the suspected offender is no reason to not to be careful when purchasing food. There are currently, according to a police spokesman no indication of any more poisoned products than those already found, but consumers still need to remain vigilant.

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