Tourism: sector aims to at least 40,000 Brazilian tourists for end 2017

For the end of the current calendar year it is hoped to have at least 40,000 Brazilian tourists welcomed.

Abdellatif Achachi of Moroccan Tourism Organization umbrella ONMT gives opposite the Moroccan news agency MAP to even more Brazilian tourists in the country to want and to be expected. Last summer, the number of for this calendar year to as many as 23,700, however think that the growing Brazilian economy Achachi this number even further can start walking. It is estimated now some of 40,000, which would be an increase of as much as 23% compared to last year.

That Morocco is increasingly attractive for the Brazilian tourist would have everything to do with the improvement of and the number of line services between the South American country. Morocco's largest airliner, Royal Air Maroc, brought the number of flights per week to and from Rio de Janeiro at a whopping 7.

Achachi did these statements with a view to the international tourism meeting that was held yesterday in Rio de Janeiro, there he was one of the Moroccan delegates. 

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