Injured by ' terrorist acts ' in Canadian city

The Canadian police have arrested a suspect after an attack on a police officer and several pedestrians.

The authorities confirmed according to Canadian media that a flag of terror organization Daesh is found in a car that has been used in an attack.

A man should first have been run on a police barricade outside a stadium in the city of Edmonton. In doing so, he was also the agent, said Police Chief Rod Knecht. The motorist then stepped out of his vehicle and attacked the police officer. Which ran according to CTV News multiple stab wounds on. The offender then hit on the run.

The man could the police hours ahead, but would still be picked up by now. That happened after authorities information about the owner of the car had passed to agents. An agent recognized the name when he checked a truck, after which the driver of that vehicle drove away. He hit four pedestrians according to sure.

The car with the suspect eventually crashed, after which the driver could be picked up. The police speaks about suspected "terrorist acts" and examines whether the attacker only worked.

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