Amrabat: ' not yet finally chosen and would like to not have '

About vague answers.

Last Friday had to show whether the absence in the selection of Morocco would lead to a call for the big orange or junior team by national coach Langeler. What turned out to be, so one could ascertain from the press conference by national coach Dick Advocaat, is that there is only contact between the KNVB and camp-Amrabat. This afternoon after the away win against AZ Alkmaar felt FOX Sports Amrabat on this much-debated topic.

The single international of Morocco gave no clear answers and even turned several times around it. The previous posts that the midfielder aware a call from national coach Herve Renard would have laid aside are not correct if we are to believe the player in question. He said,

After this the reply went on FOX Sports Reporter further on the issue. However, he was not losgepeuterd a clear answer, Abasi left the existence of a final choice or a choice from the heart in the Middle: FOX Sports EN

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