Young local filmmakers Tetouan's traditional heritage highlights (video)

The Moroccan youth organization IbdaĆ¢te has published a series of Tetouan's cultural heritage and diversity is exhibited.

After the success of the first documentary entitled "Eyes on Tetouan" in March 2017 decided Ibdaâte a new project entitled "Tetouan vue par ses jeunes", carried out in partnership with Marocopedia, an online platform that the culture and history promotes of Moroccan cities with videos, pictures and written descriptions.

Ibdaâte published a series of 15 videos. Each of the three-to five-minute videos of Ibdaâte highlights one of the most notable features of the city, including, among others, gastronomy, architecture, crafts, music, traditional dress and habits. The project is developed during a 12-day audiovisual training program that Marocopedia for the young members of the Association was offered.

Hatim Mokhtari, General Secretary of Ibdaâte, told the Moroccan news agency MAP that this initiative would like to emphasise the historical heritage of the city of Tetouan. He continued that the idea for the project came from the young people of the town itself, which Tetouan wish in a positive way.

The project "Tetouan vue par ses jeunes" was made possible by the support of the Ministry of culture, the Association Ma Tetouan, the British Council and the European Union.

The 15 published videos you can see here:

A look behind the scenes and an introduction of the project can be found in the video below. The end result of the previously mentioned documentary "Eyes on Tetouan" is here:

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