Congress Istiqlal began and ended with ordinary fights (video)

Yesterday would be the election of the new Secretary-General of the party, but that fell through.

After throwing chairs, tables and plates on the opening night (Friday) of the Congress of the party of Justice and development (PJD), ran the tensions yesterday for the election again high on. The vote was interrupted by vandalism and ordinary brawling at angry party members, reports Alyaoum24.

According to the same source, some Members reacted angrily after the disappearance of their voting cards, while they are on the list of voters are registered. Doors and Windows were broken and Istiqlal militants names herd of mobile phones to filming.

The election is now move to 7 October.

[video = youtube; UNTtPMJGAuQ] time_continue = 62 & v = UNTtPMJGAuQ [/video]