Moroccan chicken as possible to Europe

European experts have recently an audit conducted at the Moroccan food and consumer product safety authority ONSSA.

The veterinary services of ONSSA were from 11 to 22 september 2017 by an expert group of the European Commission checked, reports a press statement of ONSSA. The objective: opening up for Moroccan operators to poultry meat to export to the countries of the European Union.

According to the same source, the audit focused on assessing the monitoring plans for veterinary drugs, pesticides and environmental contaminants and the assessment of the technical skills of the veterinary services of ONSSA.

During this mission, European experts visited chicken and Turkey farms, abattoirs for slaughter poultry, meat-processing plants, farms, pharmaceutical companies and private veterinarians. "The goal of all these visits was to verify that the marketing and the use of veterinary medicine are managed well by the veterinary services of ONSSA," said ONSSA.

It should be noted that this audit was a supplement on the audit that is carried out by a previous group of European experts in March 2017. A final audit is scheduled for december 2017 to evaluate the sector (slaughterhouses, the preparation and processing of poultry meat) and eventually the export of Moroccan poultry products as possible.