LEEN Bakker have loft beds don't deliver

The Court has ruled.

LEEN Bakker need a Loft bed that accidentally on the website for 24 euro was offered, not for that price. Juridisch Adviesbureau Aliter Melius, that on behalf of hundreds of customers a summary proceedings had filed against the furniture seller, lets you know that the right of no equal.

The high bed, which normally would cost € 319, was an error by the end of July with more than 90 percent discount offered. Especially after coverage on social media had appeared, the company received thousands of orders within in a short period of time. LEEN Bakker threw it on a technical error and cancelled all those orders.

Some customers who thereby beside a cheap Loft bed handles, stepped to the right. Who finds, however, that they were allowed to go out there not reasonably that the published price was the right one. Therefore, Leen Bakker the beds not for 24 euro, such as the ' victims ' had demanded.

The judge left the door still ajar for people who have ordered the bed before widely shared on Facebook and Twitter was that it is an price errors. Aliter Melius goes in agreement with that relatively small group to determine if proceedings on the merits.

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