Dozens of dead in Las Vegas, suspicious death

By the shooting in Las Vegas are more than 50 dead and more than 200 wounded.

A gunman opened fire from a hotel on the countryfestival Route 91 Harvest at the famous Las Vegas Strip. To hear the sound he made use of an automatic weapon.

The shooter was the 64-year-old according to the broadcasting NBC Stephen Paddock, a resident of the State of Nevada, where Las Vegas is located. He is shot dead by the police. His partner Mary Lou Danley, after whom the police was looking for, is found.

The police has no idea what the man has animated, but does not assume terrorism. He would only have acted.

The three-day open air festival, with dozens of countryartiesten on the program, was sold out. When the shots rang out, there was a performance. There was a lot of panic among the thousands of visitors.

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