Morocco's cities: Agadir

In the series with Morocco's cities we will focus the spotlight on Agadir

Agadir is a port city in the southern part of Morocco and is also the largest resort of the country. The city has an impressive seaside resort that you have a lot of great memories will pay off when you've been here. The attractive markets, the cosy restaurants, terraces, the beautiful green areas and the fine Beach guarantee an unforgettable time. The resort is located on the Atlantic Ocean, on the southern coast.

Agadir is a city that is totally different set up than most known, Moroccan cities with the busy kasbahs. The city is known for tourism because of its modern building and the many open spaces. The beaches are beautiful and unspoiled and very suitable for water sports. Agadir is known for its rich cultural heritage and has a population of 678,596 (2004).

The city is located 10 km north of the mouth of the Wadi Sous. In 1505 the Portuguese founded the city of Santa Cruz do Cabo de Gué, the original name of Agadir, the city fell into the hands of the Saadi dynasty in 1541. In the centuries that followed Agadir acquired an important role as a port of the fruitful Sous-area in Morocco. A major export product of the region at that time was sugar.

In 1960 Agadir was almost totally destroyed by two earthquakes and subsequent fires and tidal waves. Azerbaijanis kill 15,000. The city is in the course of time, completely rebuilt and is today known for its tourism and its local products such as olive oil, argan oil, and make amlou. Agadir and the surroundings are rich in cultural heritage.

The broad and clean beach is the main attraction of Agadir. A visit to the beach is definitely worth it, the beach of Agadir is one of the most beautiful beaches of Morocco. It is a vibrant and lively seaside resort for lovers of Sun, sea and sand. The beach is 10 km long and the water is delicious.

You can swim, snorkel and dive in the sea, you will also have more sporting activities such as surf clinics, kite surfing or beach volleyball. You can rent at various locations of water sports amenities. The pleasant on the beach of Agadir is child-friendly, the seabed that runs very quietly and gradually, so that children can play safely in the water, or under the supervision of course! Along the beach is a wide boulevard where you will find many restaurants for if you are hungry after swimming fun.

Behind the Green Strip that separates the beach from the center of town is the pleasant life of Agadir. Here you can go to have lunch or dinner in the many restaurants or deliciously sweet traditional mint tea or another drink on a cosy terrace. It also allows you to recreate on the various squares of the city.

The official name of the berber museum Musee du Patrimonie Amazigh. Those who want to make history and culture or acquainted with the rich history of Agadir, can visit the Amazigh Museum. The museum gives you a glimpse into the traditions and habits of the berbers, the oldest population of the country.

You get not only insight on their way of life in Morocco, but you can also get acquainted with the personal history and traditions. You can, among other things, a collection of artworks, a collection of rare jewelry, accessories and ancient manuscripts. It is possible to get a guide that gives you explanations of what is on display.

The kasbah on top of a mountain State is one of the rare remains of the Agadir by for the earthquake in 1960. The Kasbah was built in 1540 by the Saadianen in order to protect the city against the Portuguese.

By visiting the kasbah to bring you see not only some of the history, but you also have a wonderful view from the 240-meter-high cliff over the city, Harbour, and the sea. Especially during sunset is the kasbah busy. You can go there by car but can also a mountain walk in about an hour and above a taxi back. Condition and experience is required, it can in the heat a spirited walk.

This is the famous open air market to the South-East of the city. The market is very large and spreads out over an area of six hectares. There are very many kinds of merchandise offered and in particular spices.

By the location of Agadir on the coast is fishing a traditional revenue source for the city. In the morning the fishermen come back with their catch and the fish is instantly hooked and prepares on the quay, buy fresher fish like this can not. It is nice to see how the boats come back and it's there.

Do you like history, then you can visit this museum. This museum is built in 1992, colorful and interesting examples of the traditions and folk art from the Soussvallei.

The park is called Vallée des Oiseaux and is located in the heart of the city. It is especially fun for kids to this small bird park to visit, you can parrots, swans and other colorful birds from all over the world watching. It is accessible for free and nice to have a walk through.

The climate in Agadir is mainly influenced by the warm wind from the Sahara. By the sheltered location of the city, behind the Atlas mountains it is pleasantly warm in the summer and in the winter soft. Are you going for an active holiday without too much sun, then it is ideal for the fall or spring. Would you rather relax and enjoy the Sun then the summer ideal for a Sun, sea, beach holiday. Because Agadir on the coast the temperatures are in principle all year round pleasant.

Agadir is easy to reach from almost all Moroccan cities and also from various European cities, thanks to the Al Massira international airport, which is about 20 kilometres outside the city. Furthermore, Agadir on a bus network, taxis and there are ample opportunities to rent a car.

Morocco has so much beauty and features beautiful spots, more on this next week in the next city!

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