Marrakech: life sentence for dancer who murdered her husband

The details of the case are horrific.

The gruesome facts that were at the Court of appeal in Marrakech were exposed, causing the dancer and her lover were sentenced last Friday to life imprisonment. The previous conviction at the Court of first instance was thus maintained.

The dancer, called Fatima, killed her husband with the help of her lover in October 2008, Al Akhbar reported today. A heinous crime which were the ochre city to its foundations.

Fatima then drugged her husband, called Ahmed, with drugs. They stopped unnoticed a pill in his drink of this beet juice, after which he lost consciousness. Then Fatima quickly called her lover Rachid. R came to with an axe and struck Ahmed a number of times on his head to make sure he was dead. The horror however, stops here.

The mother of Fatima, Hnia, cut the body of Ahmed in 17 pieces. The pieces of Ahmed's body were then in different black plastic bags in different districts of the ochre city. The dancer and her lover are sentenced to life imprisonment, the mother Hnia not because they committed suicide at her home in Tameslouht before the process began.