Ouarzazate registers the highest increase in tourists in 2017

Ouarzazate registered the best national performance for arrivals and overnight stays in the first 7 months of 2017.

The first 7 months of the year registered an increase of 41 percent in the number of tourists in comparison with the same period in 2016, according to the provincial tourism office.

The month of July saw the biggest growth, with 77 per cent increase in arrivals and 75 percent increase in overnight stays compared to 2016.

The total number of tourists who visited the region, has increased from 2016 to 109,474 for the first seven months of 154,677 for the same period by 2017, with 41 percent. With this, they are at the national level at the top of the list of cities with the largest increase.

The Asian visitors accounted for the highest increase, reports Moroccoworldnews. The number of Japanese tourists rose from 5.214 in 2016 to 8.803 in 2017, an increase of 69 percent, while the Chinese market saw a significant increase of 12,070 tourists.