Grave cleared out and swapped for Tomb of recently deceased wife

A strange mystery in a cemetery in Marrakech.

The disappearance of a grave in a cemetery in Marrakech has for large question marks in the security services. Al Massae reports that unknown persons the grave of a man who died almost a year ago, have cleared out and have swapped with the grave of a woman who recently died. The body of the first man has not yet been found.

Al Massae reports that the Bab in Sidi Youssef Ben Ali Ghmat Cemetery last Saturday by representatives of the local authorities and security services was visited. A strong mobilization that followed a complaint lodged by the son of the man who originally was buried in the grave. The man, who every week to the grave of his father, did not know what he saw when the tombstone had given way to another tombstone bearing the name of a woman who died on 23 september.

The security services have arrested two grave diggers on the cemetery work. And further details of the case are not yet known.