Head Office of ' International Committee for solidarity with Palestinians ' opened in Morocco

The head office was opened Friday in Rabat.

The Head Office of the International Committee of Solidarity with the Palestinians, "which last October to the 10th Congress of the Organization of Afro-Asian Solidarity peoples (AAPSO) is founded, is open Friday in Rabat.

On this occasion, the President of the Commission, Talea S El Atlassi, that the choice to the Head Office of that institution to open in Morocco, the commitment of the Kingdom. Morocco offers continuous support for the Palestinian cause and for the struggle of the Palestinian people for their legitimate rights.

In a statement to the Moroccan news agency MAP El Atlassi emphasized the important role that this international mechanism can play, consisting of committees in Morocco, Russia, Nepal, India, Sri Lanka, United Kingdom, Viet Nam, Egypt, Tunisia, Iraq Bahrain, Lebanon, and Palestine.

El Atlassi stressed that this Commission will take effective actions with the international community and civil society to fight the Palestinian people against the Israeli occupation.