King Mohammed VI is for Council of Ministers

There was also a discussion on the evaluation of All Hoceima's development projects.

At the meeting of the Council of Ministers on Monday 2 October, presided over by King Mohammed VI, 13 international conventions were adopted including 4 mutilaterale conventions to the position of Morocco on the African continent.

At the beginning of the meeting established King Mohammed VI the attention on the problem of the shortage of drinking water and irrigation water in rural and mountainous areas. The King has called on the head of the Government to set up a Commission to solve this issue in the coming months.

The Minister of economy and finance during the meeting also gave a presentation on the 2018 budget financing.

King Mohammed VI in addition had also met with the head of the Government, the Minister of the Interior, the Minister of economy and finance, and the first president of the Supreme Council of the Court of Auditors, in the Royal Palace in Rabat, said a statement of the Royal Cabinet.

During that meeting, the two ministers to the conclusions of the evaluation report on the implementation of the regional development programme Al Hoceima Manarat al Moutawassit submitted to the King. The report was carried out on the orders of the King and concerned the relevant officials in charge of the program at the time of its implementation, including those who are no longer in service.

King Mohammed VI reviewed the explanation concerning the delay or failure to carry out some parts of the development program, where the risk of embezzlement or fraud was excluded. The King gave this, as a matter of principle of honesty and transparency, are instructions to the first president of the High Council of the Court of Auditors, Driss Jettou, to a more extensive within 10 days to investigate the case and to the implementation of the projects evaluate, in addition to the usual tasks of the Court of Auditors checks that the public finances.

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