Requirement 6 years in prison for express Rams gas station

The man intentionally rammed the gas station The Andel in Gouda.

The man who last year deliberately the gas station The Andel in Gouda rammed with his car, as to the public prosecutor (OM) is six years into the cell. The 34-year-old man without fixed abode wanted this action put an end to his life. The Prosecutor for the Court in the Hague called it a small miracle that no one was wounded.

The suspect himself was wounded. Bystanders save his life by him in the conflagration could get out of his car.

The man came with his car on the head slide, so the gas station can be seen on camera images. He hit concrete blocks and two pumps and fire and explosions. The fire took hold quickly around and the petrol station along the A12 burned completely. Certainly the damage amounted to EUR 4 million.

Right after the event, the defendant by itself against agents said that he had wanted to deprive of life. That he repeated later for the court-appointed receiver. Then the suspect kept quiet, but the Prosecutor said much value to attach to that first casual statement.

The Prosecutor finds it tragic that someone wants to commit suicide, but figured it strongly to the suspect that he had chosen to innocent bystanders at great risk. "That's downright incomprehensible, selfish, and rightly punishable."

The Prosecutor also said that bystanders are broken are startled and thought of an attack. According to the officer there was also talk of an attack, but was not with a terrorist aim.

The verdict is about two weeks.

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